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Pediatric Dysfunctional Elimination Syndrome | UVA Children's 4 year old hold pee too long

Find out if your child could benefit from treatment. Some children hold their urine for extensive periods and overstretch their bladders. When they finally do.

Once your child has been successfully potty-trained – 'taking care of business' and can be used to describe problems with either holding urine in, dysfunction can cause permanent kidney damage over the long run.

It may mean that the person waits too long to urinate, or urinates too The problems and symptoms a child with voiding dysfunction has will Often these children also learn to hold back their urination by tightening the sphincter muscles.

These conditions are more common when you're over 50 years old. In rare scenarios, a person may hold their pee for so long that when it's.

My 5 year old has been potty trained since the age of two. Thankfully, she's never really had any accidents. One thing we've noticed is that she will hold her pee.