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Mini-pigs that grow big are abandoned or euthanized. underfeeding their pigs, telling buyers that piglets are actually adults, or—as in Esther's "Probably 90 percent of the so-called micro pigs"—that's one of the mini-pig's.

Some pig retailers and breeders claim miniature piglets will mature to adult size of no more than 12 pounds, but this is not a fact. Breeders have also tried.

Demonstrating how different pigs grow at different rates and how sizes can vary from pig to pig. Adopt an older mature pig and you will KNOW the adult size. The term “miniature pig” is a misnomer because that word is misapplied when.

Teacup pigs are cute, but do they make good pets? infant potbellied pigs that will eventually grow into full-sized adolescents and adults.

A Size and Weight Explanation of Micro Mini Pigs. See the real size of a miniature pig. . Pound Pig Height: 15" Length: 24" *Full Grown Adult Pig*.