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Clinical symptoms related to anal sphincter defects and atrophy on external phased-array MR imaging anal mucosal atrophy

Dis Colon Rectum. Jan;49(1) Atrophy and defects detection of the external anal sphincter: comparison between three-dimensional anal.

Our aim was to correlate the presence of defects and atrophy of the anal sphincter complex using pelvic floor MRI in women with mixed pelvic.

This pattern of atrophy was inversely related to the pattern of sub-epithelial collagen deposition, which increased toward the rectum.

In healthy subjects, faecal continence is maintained by the coordinated function of pelvic floor, rectum and the anal sphincters. The smooth.

Anal stenosis means that the anal opening is too small or does not relax or open properly. This may be treated with surgery that enlarges the anal opening.