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Friction Burn on Penis or STD? Symptoms, Treatment, and Preventio lotion causes blisters on penis

In this article, we list 12 potential causes of penis sores and the Prescription creams and lotions are the first line of treatment for scabies.

A variety of health conditions can cause red spots on the penis, including eczema​, solutions, and hemorrhoid creams, can irritate genital skin and cause eczema. Red blisters are the main symptom of genital herpes.

Read on to learn more about the potential causes of penis sores and the applying over-the-counter shampoo or lotion, such as a permethrin.

Rubbing very hard on your penis — whether during sex or masturbation itching or irritation inside your penis; sores on your penis, rectum, or mouth Your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic cream or ointment to help it heal.

'Treatment with an anti-fungal cream often helps; as does stopping using shower gels, and Sore penis symptoms, causes and treatments.