Circumcision: Possible benefits, recovery, and risks - uncut adult circumcision


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Four men who had their foreskins removed talk about whether sex is better cut or uncut and whether they regret their decision.

A guy who's had sex while cut and uncut tells all. I Had an Adult Circumcision, and I Totally Regret It. A guy who's had sex while cut and uncut.

Some people with an uncircumcised penis have the procedure later in life. Adult circumcision is often a simple procedure, though it's a larger.

Here's how circumcised compares to uncircumcised in size, appearance, function​, and more. There are many reasons why adult circumcision is done.

At University of Utah Health, our urologists perform circumcisions on adult men who did not have one at birth. A man many choose to get circumcised as an adult​.