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My Husband Wets the Bed After Getting Sloppy Drunk and I Don’t Know What to Do drunk pissed his bed

Some men suffer the embarrassing problem of wetting the bed after drinking alcohol. Find out why, and how to prevent it.

If you partied with me from to , you are probably familiar with my infamous bad habit. I used to wet the bed every time I consumed.

Of course, drinking too much alcohol isn't healthy, especially if it's there are a few ways to reduce your risk of wetting the bed while you sleep.

How common is wetting the bed while drunk? Hysterically, the answer to that question is very common. If you are struggling with this issue.

Vomited for about 15 minutes, then I woke up this morning because the bed was all wet. He's really sad and keeps saying that he's sorry and doesn't want to.