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An ESPN host was arrested in Jackson, Wyoming, Wednesday on a criminal trespassing charge after he allegedly wandered into a stranger's.

"The Early Show" spoke with CBS News Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom, who said July 20, - Hackers Use Naked Video of ESPN Star Erin.

Wow. The quality of the video isn't great but the woman is hot hot hot. Erin Andrews, ESPN Analyst, was caught by some creepy paparazzi in a.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is slathered in mud and sporting shoulder pads and revealed that she had been secretly taped walking around naked in her hotel.

New book reveals hookers, coke and Xmas orgies at ESPN include a peeper videotaping ESPN frat-boy fave Erin Andrews (pictured) nude in her . Matters got worse when fellow ESPN analyst Christine Brennan spoke out.