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Mountain where strangers have sex for luck (Video) sex on the mountian

Centrally located on Indonesia's largest island of Java, Mount Kemukus, or Sex Mountain, might be considered small at metres, but the number of orgasms.

As a writer who specialises in sex and relationships, I am often asked about At sunset, the mountain is replete with pilgrims looking for sex.

Mount Kemukus or Gunung Kemukus (known as Sex Mountain) is a hilltop Javanese shrine in Sragen Regency, 28 kilometres (17 mi) northeast of Solo, where.

Gunun Kemukus is best known as the sex mountain. In this mountain lie the remains of young Prince Pangeran Samodro who, during the.

Dateline Journalist Patrick Abboud has uncovered the incredible religious sex ritual on Indonesia's 'Sex Mountain' where thousands of pilgrims.