Review of the Stainless Steel Cusco Vaginal Speculum - spekulum sex


Speculum advice and how to use vaginal speculums spekulum sex

Speculum play is any sexual interactions involving the use of the medical devices called speculums.​ During speculum play, a dominant partner typically takes on the role of a doctor while a submissive person plays the patient.​ Speculum play can involve internal examinations of the.

If you have a vagina and have ever had a smear test or cervical screening, you may be well acquainted with speculums.​ You know, that instrument doctors and nurses use to suss out what's going on up there.​ The vaginal speculum is used to open the vaginal walls and visualise the.

Genuine medical vaginal speculum for beginners explorative play; Easy-to-use single adjuster for straightforward Cons: N/A; Bottom line: Speculum sex.

Pros: How far speculum opened and how much this turned my partner on. Cons: N/A; Bottom line: Speculum sex. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this.

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